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i wrote this one months ago, sorry for the late post... :)


what do i really want to write today? well, you see, work has always been keeping us busy. getting up early. deadlines. work extensions. production output. fear of getting feedbacks from client. definitely trying to keep things in order. whoahh, things could never get as stressful as this. and what do you know, that's not all. there are lots of things that have gotten into my nerves these days. i call these petty annoyances. they're petty but somehow they still get into my nerves. good thing though they don't stay up too long. i always try to get it out of my system right away. there are far more important things to think about, anyway.

when i'm feeling something other than being happy, my husband notices it. i am very transparent. and i couldn't help it. i can't show a smile when something is bothering me. i'm not the frowning type, though. most of the time i put on a happy face. this is why it's easy to know when i'm distracted about something or somebody. that only proves i'm not a hypocrite :) hmm, i can get a little defensive, too.

if there is one song i would need to sing to myself everytime a person gets into my nerves because i find his or her actions or words offensive, it would be a line from the song "Ebony and Ivory" ... "We all know that people are the same wherever we go. There is good and bad in everyone..." this way i am being reminded that i should learn to accept the other person's weaknesses. there is good and bad in everyone. yes, and definitely, i am no exception. as to the extent of the goodness and the bad, well, it doesn't really matter. what matters is that we recognize that we need to change for the better. it's nice to live in perfect harmony. no enemies. no grudges. no stress. no hatred. no guilt. just peace. and freedom.

ah yes.. there is good and bad in everyone... but let's not make this one as an excuse.. we all need to change for the better. and if it takes a frown to get you or me a message, then I guess it needs to show.


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