desperate but hopeful

i've been waiting for you
i've been expecting you
i guess you just want us
to keep anticipating
i will be happiest to hold you in my arms
sing you beautiful songs
and tell you stories
when will you come?
or will you ever come?

it's not even a year after my marriage but i've already experienced this "baby fever", the sheer wanting to have a baby. sometimes it's quite a disappointment to have several missed periods and negative pregnancy test results. why am i not like some women? i wonder why there are so many unwanted pregnancies out there when there's one hopeful woman out here wanting to conceive? will God deny me the chance to become a mother? we don't know yet. all i know is that i don't have all the time to wait. each year that this dream is not realized, it lessens my chance of becoming one. i'm not getting any younger, ya know. God, please let me be...

boy, did i sound desperate?... must be the rain... Comments, anyone?


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